Xining meteorological disaster emergency plan

recently, the Xining Municipal People’s government issued the "Xining meteorological disaster emergency plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), called on counties (city, district) people’s government, departments and relevant units to seriously implement the actual.

according to the plan, Xining city was established by the deputy mayor in charge of the commander in charge of the government, deputy secretary general, municipal emergency office director, director of the Bureau of meteorology as deputy commander, the municipal government departments (units) of meteorological disaster emergency command agencies responsible for members of the relevant departments, the establishment of government led, public participation in the prevention of meteorological disasters the working mechanism, the relevant departments involved in the work must follow the division of responsibilities, coordination and cooperation, resource integration, information sharing, the meteorological disaster response more orderly.

"plan" on emergency preparedness, monitoring and early warning, emergency disposal and other aspects of security in detail, and further accelerate the meteorological disaster prevention infrastructure construction, improve the early warning information release system, strengthen disaster survey work. In the face of meteorological disasters, adhere to the people-oriented, reduce hazards, adhere to hierarchical management, territoriality, adhere to the law, scientific and efficient, timely monitoring, timely warning, timely response, timely disposal. The "plan" the introduction, for the establishment of "the government, departmental interaction, provides a strong policy support and social participation in the meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation system, to improve the abrupt meteorological disasters and rescue capabilities, the maximum to avoid or reduce the far-reaching significance of people’s lives and property safety. (author: Jin ran Zhu Baowen)