Xining formulated the opinions on strengthening anti drug work

At present, affected by the international and domestic situation, drug addicts in Xining continued to increase, the number of drug users showed a rapid upward trend year by year. In order to curb the spread of the drug problem, Xining has formulated the opinions on strengthening the anti drug work. Today, Xining city will conduct a special anti drug activities for a period of three months of odd bag, investigation, closing ring within the city, intensify the fight against illegal drug crimes, reduce the drug consumption, reduce social surface due to drug addicts induced social harm.

to crack down on drug crimes. According to the actual situation and characteristics of drug-related crimes in Xining, to identify the key issues and key areas of drug abuse, timely organization of the city’s special fight against drugs, to take effective measures to resolutely prevent the spread of drug-related crimes. To increase the drug crime investigation efforts to crack down on drug manufacturing, drug trafficking and Internet drug-related and other criminal activities, to crack down behind the organizers, gang and umbrella, to crack down on drug money laundering and the financing of the activities for drug crimes. Strengthen the comprehensive management of public places of entertainment, to increase the ease of drug-related song and dance entertainment, hotels, Internet cafes, rental housing and other places to investigate and deal with.

against drug crime prone, high risk and high liquidity problems, to further accelerate the total village, mountain drug investigation station put into use, comprehensively strengthen duyuanjieliu investigation, check and control measures to improve air mail three-dimensional and dynamic investigation of the investigation and control system, efforts to curb the drug to the city of Xining will fully flow penetration drug interdiction in transportation. For postal delivery to Xining city through increased drug transport case, strengthen the drug management of the postal delivery industry, implementation of acceptance inspection regulations.

will be strictly precursor chemicals related to business registration, the implementation of the system of credit management of enterprise, the precursor chemicals production, operation and transportation links into the dynamic information system network control.

will focus on youth groups easily infected to carry out drug prevention education for ordinary primary and secondary schools, secondary schools and higher occupation technical school drug prevention education coverage.