Do business also need to be good at customer classification

although we need to do the same in the process of doing business to customers, however, each customer’s personality is different, the same treatment method does not apply. In short, in the retail business, we will meet the customer what kind of every hue, these customers are picky, generous, a thrifty, and generous.

so, various of customers, so when dealing with the customer, we cannot use a method of the same, must be customer classification, then according to different types of flexibility to take different strategies and countermeasures, this party can win the praise and trust of customers and Lai, make their own supermarket business. In order to let everyone do each one airs his own views we invited several retail, guests here listen to their speech.

is the supermarket boss Lee Ji Zhen Li Min Suileng

as the owner, if some customer preferences and characteristics, but the eyebrows beard, this makes the mistake of metaphysics. Each customer has its own characteristics, in the face of these, we should be targeted to treat. For example, there is a customer to buy goods, in order to show enthusiasm, I was behind her, she goes, I go, the purpose is for her, but suddenly, the customer said angrily: "why do you always follow me, is not worried that I stole! Really annoying!" I do not think the customer would say such a thing, he obviously is well intentioned, but as an intention, is really irritating.

but in the face of the customer, she is God, how can I be angry? So I apologized to her and let her choose. After this stimulation, I have a calm reflection. In fact, customers can not blame, because I can not distinguish between the reasons. For such customers, we can not be too enthusiastic, but should let her choose. Later, I observed, according to the characteristics of the customer to decide whether to be more enthusiastic service.

one day, an aunt to buy things, she picked up the goods, look at the right to look as if looking for someone. Then I hurried over, when the aunt said: "boss, my eyes spent, can not see, you show me the date of this commodity. I thank you!" I told her the date and introduced it. The customer was very happy. Since then, she often come to our supermarket shopping. So, I think that passion and enthusiasm should look at what kind of customer, the customer is different, we should take a different approach.

comments: Lee boss’s practice is very good, I agree. Today’s customers are very picky, and some do not like to have a clerk to follow their own, what things like their own decisions, if too enthusiastic, then the opposite. So, I agree with you. Below, we listen to the boss’s speech.