2012 Xining vigorously promote forestry Huimin project

one is the implementation of the ecological protection of the mountain green barrier two phase of the small unitary mountain afforestation and afforestation area of more than 20 thousand acres of irrigation facilities, roads and other projects, and strive to build the northern city of Xining ecological green barrier.

two is a good job of forestry ecological engineering construction, completed three Tianbao, returning farmland to forests and forestry afforestation 145 thousand and 700 acres, 101 thousand acres of afforestation; at the same time, the completion of 320 thousand acres of farmland to replanting replanting and tending management, cash farmers food and living subsidies, safeguard the vital interests of farmers.

three is to increase the urban greening efforts, the implementation of 200 acres of green building, 10 temporary Street renovation, 10 small garden landscape upgrade, 200 thousand clove planting and potted landscape pier projects; accelerate the construction of the theme park, start the implementation of Hehuang area, Beishan Park, smoke rain Wenfeng Tsui area, Shek Kip breeze scenic spots and sports park five theme park construction.

four is to actively implement the national affordable housing projects, the implementation of state-owned forest farms transformation.

five is a combination of new rural construction, the implementation of the project of the 40 villages. (city forestry bureau)