Every 100 urban households own 16 cars

reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, as of the end of 2013, the province’s urban per hundred households household car ownership reached 16 units, the mobile phone has reached 200, with the increase of income, the consumption structure of our province basically changed for many years to eat and wear a single pattern living expenses. The aspects of housing, culture and entertainment, enjoyment and development of consumer spending increased significantly.
residents increasingly drum pocketbook
[digital] speak the province’s per capita disposable income of urban residents by 1984 less than 700 yuan (684.8 yuan) to 19498.54 yuan in 2013, an increase of 27.5 times, an average annual increase of 12.2%; per capita net income of rural residents increased from 204.31 yuan in 1980 to 6196.39 yuan in 2013, an increase of 29.3 times, the average annual growth of 10.9%. Enjoy spending in improving
now, a single pattern of consumption in our province by the food and clothes spending mainly to live, live, for culture and entertainment to enjoy change.
[digital] Speak 2013 consumer expenditures for urban residents of our province to eat and wear the expenditure for 47.7%, down 19.8 percentage points higher than in 1984 67.5%, a decrease of 16.2 percentage points of Engel coefficient. Expenditure on consumption and consumption of rural residents living expenses in the proportion of 38.3%, compared with 1984, a decrease of 40.1 percentage points, the Engel coefficient decreased by 31.8 percentage points.

[consumer durables] substantial numbers of urban and rural per 100 households has increased, is to develop high-grade, multi-functional, intelligent, environmental protection and other direction, realized from quantity to quality improvement. As of the end of 2013, the province’s Urban Households Per 100 households car ownership reached 16 units, color TV has a capacity of 101 units, the number of mobile phones have a total of 200.