Business sector last year to help 2290 people

  in January 14th, the reporter from the six Council meeting the province’s private economy association was informed that in 2013, the province at all levels of individual and private economic association held a total of 42 job fairs, organized 1003 enterprises, providing employment post 26521, through a series of employment and re employment work, a total of 2290 people to help achieve employment.

it is reported that in 2013 the province’s individual and private economic associations at all levels to carry out the promotion of employment and re employment. Through the success of "talent and job interaction, universities and enterprises Internet special recruitment, organized a total of 485 enterprises to provide employment, employment of 10860 jobs, from the province (outside) 11840 college students in universities and colleges participated in the recruitment site, signing 7146 people, 1327 people of formal employment. Held college entrepreneurs report, the popularity of occupation planning ideas for employment competition ability, and cultivate the spread of college graduates, college graduates entrepreneurial potential to stimulate interest and played a positive role. In addition, positive efforts to create employment training base for college students, during a total of 27 college students create employment training base trainee, the number reached 350, this kind of work has been fully affirmed China individual labor association.