5 Huimin policy story of 5 people

Raise the standard of grain farmers subsidies, improve the standard of old age allowance, adjust the basic pension standard of new farmers and urban residents…… The provincial government in accordance with the "small finance, livelihood" ideas, adhere to the "people’s livelihood priority ruling hard" concept, the introduction of a series of efforts to solve the problem of waste management policy, interest relationship between the well-being of people, the safety of the masses, to ensure that the people share the fruits of reform and development. Recently, this reporter walked into the grassroots level, the field to understand the benefits of the people’s livelihood policy to improve and improve the quality of life, feeling the joy of the masses.

story: my wife and I plan to go out a wave

policy: elderly subsidies increased 20 yuan

[policy interpretation]: the twenty-first executive meeting of the provincial government decided to study, from January 1, 2014 onwards, will be over the age of the elderly subsidy standards on the basis of the original unified adjustment to raise the value of 20 yuan. After the mark 70 ~ 79 years old subsidy 50 yuan per person per month; 80 ~ 89 years old subsidy 60 yuan per person per month; 90 ~ 99 years old subsidy 80 yuan per person per month; 100 years of age or older subsidy 120 yuan per person per month.

[the people] story: in 2010, the elderly subsidy policy introduced, 70 year old Duan Baofan is in line with the enjoyment of conditions, from then on, half a year in accordance with the system, every six months, his bank card will be a sum of money.

the past 4 years, Baofan section of the old man and his wife moved into a new house in the north of the temple area table Village in the city of Xining, the son of a will from time to time to visit the elderly, love every day to read the newspaper, watch TV, and other community elderly chat, his wife is raising flowers, do housework, dancing, old two days with gusto. Some time ago, that the elderly subsidy standards raised 20 yuan, the old man is very happy, he said, now the policy is good, life is much better than before, the government is still thinking about him such an old man, really happy. By June, the elderly will be able to receive the first subsidy after the rise of the old subsidy, a total of 300 yuan, a total of $600 a year, in his plan, the money will be used for the living expenses of the old two during the spring festival.

"50 yuan old subsidies, although not much, but to enjoy this policy is a good thing, I hope the future policy will be better and better." Duan Baofan old man and his wife’s body is very good, he and his wife figured out a wave.

[extended reading]: at present, the country to establish this policy only 15 provinces, and other provinces are more than the protection of the elderly over the age of 80, and the province will be extended to the scope of protection to more than 70 years of age. As of the end of 2013, the province to enjoy the number of elderly subsidies for 296 thousand and 700 people, after calculation, the required capital of the tune of 71 million 200 thousand yuan. Adjustment of new funds from the provincial, city (state) by the ratio of 3 to more than the proportion of which, the provincial financial burden of $21 million 360 thousand, the city (state) financial burden of 49 million 840 thousand yuan. The tune;