Hongkong 567 mousse milk tea

tea swept the country, China’s tea market is huge. Of course, one of the most classic Hong Kong style milk tea. If you want to join the brand Hot Tea, HK Style project Xiaobin ah you recommend Hongkong 567 tea mousse.

567 Hongkong

mousse cake tea, tea industry benchmark, compound management, tea mousse wind swept the world, the only characteristic for the king.

tea market development, great potential and fierce competition; with the improvement of living standards, more and more people will enjoy the pursuit, drink a cup of hot tea in winter, drink a cup of iced summer is indispensable in people’s lives! According to 2014 statistics, at present in the domestic tea consumption market annual growth rate of more than 300%, thus the huge development potential of tea industry, at the same time, many domestic and international famous tea enterprises have in the tea beverage market moves frequently, in order to seize the rapid expansion.

after several years of development, the tea beverage market presents features for the king of the trend of "tea" brand on our website found a basket, people seem to fall into a vicious circle, a lot of people blind investment, at the same time, Hongkong 567 Tea Mousse because of the product development focus, aiming at the mousse of the meticulous research and development for many years, out of a unique product system different from other brands and the one and only taste, so as to obtain more and more consumers, not the amount of product of tea industry prevailed, but "special for the king".

Since the launch of the

567 mousse milk tea in Hongkong, it has gained a large number of fans, and the stores have been set up all over the country!

Hongkong 567 mousse milk unique sweet experience, complex operation is the future trend of the food and beverage industry, firmly grasp the customer’s stomach, to retain the customer’s pocketbook!

we have seasons brand series of tea cake, mousse, also suitable for summer LOHAS juice and cool Smoothie, suitable for winter brewed from fresh tea and health tea, a mousse tea shop, let you never have the off-season, all products all is adjustable is made, and does not add any pigment preservatives, fresh and delicious and healthy.

focus, reputation, strength, mousse tea brand.

567 Hongkong Tea Mousse model industry first, Hongkong 567 is the first to tea mousse mousse mousse cake and tea as one of the composite franchise stores, fashion, fresh and sweet image design, showing a simple, comfortable visual experience.

Tea Mousse brand products not your taste: 567 Hongkong Tea Mousse brand was first established by star product quality, affordable price.