Manchester Police Broke Up An LSD Teddy Grahams Operation At Bonnaroo

first_imgAt any music festival, there’s bound to be a presence of drugs. With tens of thousands attending Bonnaroo each year, it’s no surprise that plainclothes officers found lots of controlled substances on site, though they do make it a point to only go after those selling the drugs.“There’s people that come just to sell drugs and that’s who we look for,” said Manchester Police Chief Yogi Yother in a statement published by News Channel 5. The Chief emphasized that the majority of Bonnaroo attendees are there for the music and experience.Still, among all of the substances confiscated, one particular item was a new discovery for their police team: LSD Teddy Grahams. “They had them on the table and droppers dropping hits of acid on each Teddy Graham,” said Chief Yother. It sounds like a delicious way to trip, but the operation had to be broken up once discovered.The article states that “marijuana, mushrooms, pills, Molly or Ecstasy and quite a bit of LSD” were all confiscated on site, as well as some cash from various dealings. The article also states that the confiscated substances will be used as evidence to prosecute those dealers, and will ultimately be destroyed.Take note: if you come to Bonnaroo to sell drugs, blot your acid on snack foods before showing up on site.last_img