Xining city to create a national public cultural demonstration zone

In November 6th

after two months reporting report, statement of defense and expert review and other related aspects, held in Shanghai, the public cultural service system demonstration area construction work conference, Xining city officially made the second batch of national public cultural service system demonstration area to create the qualification.

is made to create qualification, Xining city will be in accordance with the requirements of public welfare, equality, and convenience, from 2014 to 2015 for two years, combined with the actual Xining, around the goal of building, completed the construction of four level of Public Cultural Services Department of city and county, township and village, "and create", "service innovation", "culture industry" double promotion, public cultural and artistic accomplishment and universal "four project" and the underdeveloped areas of public cultural service system construction path and realization way of the research and practice of "research tasks, explore the formation of the public cultural service system" in line with the actual Xining 4+4 mode, and effectively protect the the people’s basic cultural rights and interests, and continuously meet the people’s basic cultural needs, creating a western undeveloped area to create a public cultural service system demonstration area New way to play a demonstration in the province, leading role.