Xining Wei Planning Commission introduced 7 measures to protect the health of tableware disinfection

Recently, this newspaper published the "Xining sampling disinfection tableware 9 production lines of the 5 unqualified" after the report, caused widespread concern of the general public. In order to further standardize the tableware disinfection of enterprise production and management behavior, to ensure the effect of tableware disinfection in August 20th, Xining city health supervision by the inspection personnel again to unqualified enterprise tableware disinfection to carry out inspection, the Xining municipal health and Family Planning Commission issued 7 measures, ordered some unqualified enterprises to stop production.

will be in the enterprise after rectification, from the aspects of production, packaging and consumer segments again monitor and collect samples sent to the city center for Disease Control and prevention, detection, continue to the media and public supervision and inspection and sampling results.

in the review, Xining Wang Jie tableware disinfection Co. Ltd., Qinghai Hailan environmental decontamination services Limited (mass line), Qinghai Hailan decontamination Environmental Services Ltd. (halal line) has been in accordance with the rectification to stop production, cleaning equipment, Xining Kang Yun Qing really tableware disinfection limited not only in accordance with the rectification stop production, also removed the factory to replace the old equipment, new equipment, improved high temperature disinfection process, completely solve the problems without immersion.