Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to investigate cases of counterfeit food production

to create a good market environment, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of the market supervision and administrative law enforcement, recently, dealt with fake food production date cases, more than 20 yuan of the expired food was seized by law.

according to reports, the city of Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of law enforcement officers Yu Tian after 10 months of waiting, in late April 12th 8 according to Sanming market a firm Binhe Road located in the East District of Xining City warehouse were raided. The scene seized, Wang Zi – Basketball Daly Park, more than and 30 brands such as 4000 pieces of expired food and nearly 100 drinks (of which 42 have changed the production date and ready for shipment, worth 200 thousand yuan).

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the investigation, the parties each big supermarket, the mall shelves in 2004, expired food factory in 2005 after the acquisition, organization personnel use machine alter production date for "small yards in the month of 2007, and sold to the surrounding areas of the city’s food stores, illegal profit. This year, the business households have illegally altered food production date 20: more than a total of 556 commodities, and all sold to peace, Ledu, Datong and other places of the 185 supermarkets, shopping malls.

in view of this situation, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued a notice, request the inventory of food within the city, the city’s food distribution to urge enterprises to strictly implement the key commodity admittance system, designate a person responsible for the registration and management of food shelves, establish and perfect the Taiwan account. At the same time, the requirements of the trade and industry to strengthen the supervision and management of shopping malls, supermarkets shelves of food, a comprehensive understanding of the flow of food to ensure the safety of food consumption. (author Gao Xiang)