Xining Education Bureau issued relevant policies to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination

to ensure that this year graduated from junior high school and senior high school entrance examination work smoothly, recently, Xining City Bureau of education to study and formulate the "2007 graduated from junior high school and senior high school entrance examination emergency plan" of Xining City, three counties and four district government administrative departments of education, the senior high school entrance examination center earnestly organize the implementation.

it is understood that the incident for the candidates, clear: if the candidates forgot or lost the ticket, the invigilator can arrange candidates to enter the examination room examination at the same time, the report, by the test center is responsible for arranging led by the teacher to confirm the identity of the candidates and the ticket for retroactive; the candidates are not dirty or damaged and papers for replacement, the invigilator will apply to the spare paper, and truthfully record from the center responsible for verifying the circumstances to determine the use of spare paper, but not to extend the examination time (the time not to make up for the loss of the candidates); English listening test should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the power play, English listening test, is enabled a generator or a tape recorder to play the tape is found, test question to timely report the backup application to enable the test center examiners, the center should be equipped with medical tape; Service personnel, the sports discipline examination culture courses and the dizzy games, disease, injury, by the test center responsible for the direction of healthcare professionals to treatment on the spot or sent to the nearest hospital for treatment, if the test is less than 30 minutes, the implementation of quarantine treatment. (author: he arrow)