Qinghai Datong fish card two mine underground personnel positioning management

After half a year of installation and debugging, by the Qinghai provincial energy development group to invest more than 300 yuan to build KJ251 and KJ222 personnel positioning system, in the Datong mining area of two, fish card is put into operation, so as to realize the management of underground personnel positioning.

as a safety current positioning system of mine enterprise is more advanced, KJ251 and KJ222 can keep track of mobile personnel positioning system of underground personnel and equipment, personnel distribution, tracking cadres attendant, each miner into wells, wells rise time and trajectory, a call signal in case of emergency. In the aspect of safety management, when the accident occurred, rescue personnel can be provided by the system data, graphics, timely grasp of the accident site and equipment information, call signal can also be sent through the help of personnel, to further determine the location and the number of personnel, promptly take appropriate rescue measures, improve the efficiency of emergency rescue work. (author: Jia Ming)