Xining customs clearance subsystem next month trial run passengers will be faster clearance

  "simply, passenger clearance subsystem operation will try next month, the customs officers from artificialization into electronic, which will greatly enhance the passenger clearance rate." December 18th, Xining customs site business Guo Rui said.

Guo Rui told reporters that the passenger clearance subsystem will be implemented next month at the national air port 5 trial operation, is the Customs on the entry and exit of passenger baggage items to carry out the supervision of the field operating system. This system according to the relevant laws and regulations and supervision procedures, implementation of clearance and processing of passenger baggage to carry passenger clearance in the field, including the declaration, inspection, taxation, returned, exemption and guarantees (letter), case processing, audio products to India examination and identification of doubtful items records of the results of, processing and other functions.

The use of

passenger clearance system, will play a positive role in promoting the development of Xining port construction, will also promote the development of aviation logistics, the Xining air port has become an important window of opening up of Qinghai province.