Xining city mayor Wang Yubo condolences special

with the people of the city and the profound sentiments of friendship good wishes, in July 27th, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal government Secretary General Wang Yanming, part of our special condolences, send them to the party and the government’s care and greetings. Wang Yubo stressed that any time, national development cannot do without the social harmony and stability, harmony and stability, people live and work in peace and national and local, cannot do without the military dedication to strive to create a good atmosphere of worship in the warrior in the whole society.

Yan kioki old man 73 years old this year, in 1962 221 in the army factory on disability. Wang Yubo and Yan kioki Claus conversation, when he learned that the old man happy family, filial piety, health, especially the elderly with kioki Yan received his creation of poetry "poetry manuscript" Huangshui, Wang Yubo very pleased, affectionately said: "in the poem reveals your soldiers every single word or phrase character, upright.

you do not have to pay the cost of these revolutionary predecessors, even the cost of life, we do not have a happy life today. I wish you good health and happiness!"

"thanks to the party and the government has been given care and care! Our life is better and better." Zhao Lanlan died on the military family members, emotionally repeatedly said this sentence. Zhao Lanlan’s family is a veritable soldier of the house, he is a soldier, her husband, son, son also participated in the army. The eldest son died in 1989 when he was serving in Xinjiang, her husband died in 1998. Despite many setbacks, Zhao Lanlan always has a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Wang Yubo was touched, said to Zhao Lanlan, do military families relief work is the Party committee and government responsibility, and you should enjoy life treatment. In particular, you face a dilemma of self-reliance, the spirit of optimism, it is worth learning each of us.

Tian Xiaoqing’s son is on active duty. A door, Wang Yubo and Tian Xiaoqing pulled home: "life is good, work smoothly?" Wang Yubo said that as a military family, you are always behind the silent support, military families should be more worthy of respect, thank you! Wang Yubo also said that if there is a difficult time to reflect, the party and the government will try to help. (author: Sheng Nan)