The silk road image ambassador selection eight area

Mining the Silk Road culture, looking for the most beautiful image ambassador, in September 10th, the first "Silk Road Ambassador contest launching ceremony was held in the ancient city of Xi’an, the audition activities now in Hanzhoung, Xi’an, Tianshui, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Xining, Urumqi, Kashi 8 regional synchronous start, the Xining evening news as the only company in Qinghai the mainstream media organizer in Qinghai district selection Silk Road ambassador. 2000 years ago, East Changan (now Xi’an), Rome west of the ancient "Silk Road" was a trade route linking Chinese and other countries in Asia and Europe. In the international channel of the historic, colorful silk, porcelain and Chinese spices endless stream, has made an important contribution to the economic and cultural exchanges between the East and West in ancient times. Today, the Silk Road Economic Zone has risen to the national strategy, along the Silk Road countries will also build a Silk Road Economic Zone included in the important agenda. It is understood that the contest with "love friendship green peace" as the theme, "mining the Silk Road culture, spread the spirit of the Silk Road, the silk road show, the revival of the Silk Road economy, let the world pay attention to the Silk Road, silk road to the world" for the purpose; from Hanzhoung to Kashi thousands of miles of silk road began to tour, "beautiful dream brigade". The tournament is unlimited by the star culture media, "Hanzhoung daily", "Daily", "Lanzhou morning news", "Yinchuan daily", "Xining Evening News", "Morning News", "urban consumption Karst District 8 city newspaper" the mainstream media co host, will make the event with greater authority. It is reported that the organizing committee will be for all athletes to participate in the event invited experts and professionals to carry out professional training, image packaging, and the organization of the Silk Road cultural knowledge training and learning, during the event, the organizing committee also organized players for the Silk Road folk songs and shooting activities. The event organizer starlight culture media chairman Guo Jianlan said: "the infinite event will attract the world’s most advanced concept, focus on the Silk Road Ambassador contest into a domestic professional, the internationalization of the highest professional beauty pageants, with 3-5 year plan, all city coverage in China, and radiation to the Central Asia and Europe, become city communication link Silk Road culture and construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone and a strong push. This contest the 16 – 30 years old unmarried women entered the registration form please pay attention to the official micro-blog contest "China Silk Road ambassador", "WeChat official China Silk Road ambassador" or login contest official website of fill in registration. October 15th and October 25th will be held in Xi’an national semi-finals and finals. The list of winners won 100 thousand yuan, 50 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan cash bonuses; ten players per 5000 yuan cash reward. Application: mobile phone website registration form: Id=108 PC website application form: Id=133 registration email: scz;