Stabilize prices to ensure the supply of comfort to the masses


Wang Yubo check food safety and market supply situation emphasizes the government to ensure that the price of meat dishes to meet the needs of the people to do good things in the hearts of the masses

February 15th, mayor Wang Yubo were led by Vice Mayor Xu Guocheng, Tong Wang and relevant departments, in-depth Xining city of agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises, restaurants, supermarkets, discount stores, community vegetable direct car, check the Xining city food safety during the festival and market supply. Wang Yubo stressed that to ensure food safety and market supply during the holiday season, is the people’s livelihood projects, is a popular project, the relevant regions, departments must grasp the key species, important time, important link, comprehensive inspection, precise control, to ensure that during the holiday season the broad masses of people are able to eat vegetable and meat products, non-staple food safety and health the low price, the good done on people’s hearts, let the masses satisfactory.

Wang Yubo and his entourage to the Qinghai dragon Shengge Food Co. Ltd, the west area of Dongjiang seafood city inspection of food processing and production. In the food processing enterprises, see workshop workers are working on the line tension, a block of tofu, a tofu skin, strictly according to the process requirements of the operation; in the catering enterprises Houchu, see kitchen clean, chefs standardized dress code for the active preparation at the upcoming, Wang Yubo pointed out that food hygiene food manufacturers and catering safety is the lifeline of the enterprise, enterprises must strictly control the food safety line, strict food hygiene process, playing the "food safety" brand, win the market, won the masses recognition. He asked the food and drug supervision and industry and commerce departments should continue to strengthen market supervision, with the help of information technology, to create a professional technology and daily inspection comprehensive informatization supervision platform + supervision by the masses, so that people eat more at ease.

Xining morning temperatures also some cold, but the big supermarket store 100 sunning Plaza has been full of people come to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival. Wang Yubo came to beef and mutton, vegetables and grain and oil sales counters, and come to the public cordial conversation, asking about the price fluctuations before the holiday? For government subsidies, pepper, cucumber, leeks, garlic 4 danggucai price satisfaction? Beef and mutton is not expensive. When heard a lot of people said that this year prices or prices are both low prices than last year, Wang Yubo said happily, let the people recognized satisfaction is our goal, the Department of Commerce, agriculture and commerce company, the supermarket business owners must cooperate closely, smooth marketing channels, timely delivery of fresh vegetables and meat food rich enough. Supply. We should increase the media propaganda, prominently posted form, let the people know what in store, where you can buy cheap vegetable meat non-staple food safe, in the meticulous work to make people feel to the municipal government’s efforts to realize the party and the government closed heart care.

in the Yangtze River Road, Main Street Community vegetable direct car, surrounded by buying cheap meat people, Wang Yubo and you talk about, hear people generally reflect this 4 around the market supply;