Today we are waiting for you in the West

"West happy forest" compulsory tree planting campaign held in April 9th, we welcome your arrival! This festival time, place, route and attention, the activities of the organizers have call participants.

April 8th, on the topic of scientific planting trees, Xining City West District Secretary for agriculture and animal husbandry, said Shen Yonggang, planting trees to protect the purpose of survival. The trees are planted spruce and Populus hopeiensis, according to seedling planting distance requirements the seedlings into the planting pits, adjust the direction of the seedlings, seedlings righting, put end. When planting trees, must fill out fill in the topsoil, subsoil, planting earth 2/3 to slightly upwards (to prevent the nest seedling root), compacted and then cover the soil compacted, finally cover the subsoil, do the "three buried two on a seedling, edge filling edge on it. The backfill, if no soil pits around, should try to scoop the level of order inside crush backfill soil. Interaggregate seedling planting, according to soil mass determined planting depth, soil buried soil group on the surface 4 cm to 5 cm can be filled before to remove the packing material, then fill, fill out the topsoil, subsoil after filling soil, fill the side on the edge. Step in the process to prevent the ground soil. In addition, the weir is also very important to build water, planting seedlings, a good time to hit the cofferdam, a height of about 20 cm, in order to water.

according to the request of the public, West District, West District Volunteers Association of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, West District Environmental Protection Bureau and the west city newspaper will be on April 13th at 10 in the morning, held a tree planting activity again in Nanchuan river. The tree planting activities continue to look forward to your participation, registration Tel: 6114636, contact: Chang yang. (author: Zhang Pu)