Xining City Public Security Bureau to eradicate a large car snatch criminal gangs

7 9, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a news conference, after a difficult investigation of the past 3 months, West

Ning City Public Security Bureau of Interpol detachment in one fell swoop to eradicate a special "speed" snatch Gang, 5 gang members were arrested.

in April 7th this year, North Street, a bank, a middle-aged woman withdrawals 70 thousand yuan, take a taxi to the 61 bridge, intends to deposit the money in

another bank, but she just got down from the taxi, it was already trailing the suspect took away the bag in his hand, driving a motorcycle Yang

long away. On the same day, a tiger in a bank in the Taiwan area, another woman withdrawals 50 thousand yuan, when she came to the South Gate of the city road, a family member courtyard door

, followed by the suspects snatched her bag……

since 2007, the use of motorcycle speed snatch gang in Xining city crime, causing panic in the crowd. 4

7, 2009, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau set up to combat the "flying" snatch task force, go all out to investigate the "speed" snatch cases.

after months and months of waiting investigation Mopai, police finally found traces of cases. July 6th afternoon, the task force police in Xining

City, Qilian Road, a rental room captured the suspect Ma Jincheng, Ma Yi, seized on the spot the use of bank cards two. July 7th at 1 a.m.

Xu, the project group in Nanchuan City of Xining West follow up a victory with hot pursuit, Shen Xin Xiang will be another gang member Sha Zhongying captured, seized the crime using a motorcycle


according to the suspects confessed, since last year, they are in Xining 61 bridge post office door, the west gate of the 54 West Paul building, provincial gas

near the Bureau, 54 West Road, China Construction Bank branch and other places, a total of the implementation of the "speed" snatch cases from the beginning of the trailing victims from the bank after the withdrawal of


seized 13).

according to the police, the criminal gangs in general 3 people a group, premeditated, a person into the bank to observe the first secret, it was found to extract huge amounts of money


, to wait outside the partner to send information, another person driving a motorcycle, the third were specifically implemented snatch. They choose the object of infringement

mostly women, the goal is to carry a backpack women, some like to wear gold and silver jewelry has become a vulnerable target.

for this reason, the public security organs to remind the public to improve safety awareness, strengthen prevention. First, to avoid going out alone at night, the bag of single women

walk on the inside of the sidewalk. Especially in some remote streets, alleys, avoid walking alone. Second, the extraction of large sums of money as much as possible to use the bank to

account method. Third, residents go out or sleep at night to lock the doors and windows and valuables for safekeeping and storage; street shops should enhance technical equipment < /;