Xining power supply company to start the work of the college entrance examination to protect more th

In June 1st, the State Grid Power Company Xining electric entrance security work started, the city’s 16 511 exam test sites and more than 1.5 candidates to provide reliable power supply, as of now, the company to test Paul electric key schools, educational institutions and other important users of distribution lines and equipment dragnet inspection work complete, to ensure safe and reliable power supply test.

to fully carry out the work to ensure power during this year’s college entrance examination, Xining power supply company was established by the deputy general manager of the company security leadership team as head of the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination in 2015 to start the first time security plan, the focus of the Division of Paul electric place, contract chip package, the main responsibility for the implementation, dense deployment of electrical work week of college entrance examination; active docking the local education department and school sites, accurately grasp the point, marking the point distribution, organize special inspection for electrical safety, increase the protection of Paul electric power lines, power supply equipment, premises distribution room inspections, identify problems promptly dealt with, to ensure that the user’s equipment "no hidden" pro forma; the company in each will arrange 4 security personnel Dundian security, debugging and drills to help the school to check the emergency generator, UPS uninterruptible power supply, power supply in Xining Companies with particular emphasis on the afternoon of June 8th, the English listening test, test generation in hot standby machine must ensure that, after the loss of electricity generator can instantly access; scientific prediction of load change during power grid protection, reasonable arrangement of power grid operation mode, the establishment of targeted security plans for electricity, electricity and do bad weather emergency preparedness, to ensure the moment repair personnel, supplies and vehicles in the rapid response state.

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