Xining Urban Management Bureau director of inspection day the Secretary to work on Saturday to che

Xining City Administration Bureau each Saturday as "director of inspection", that is, every Saturday, Secretary of the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau of the offices responsible person, the office is mainly responsible for people to the casual, go to Xining, the city, urban high, Beijiexiaoxiang, check the health status, and the the scene found the problem and put forward rectification plans.

management of the city is not only to the main street, a prominent position of clean health, but also to take into account the back alley, no supervision of the families of the hospital, the urban and rural joint, the village and other places." According to the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau staff, from Xining city health after the success, whether it is the square, the main road, or park, clean and tidy, orderly. However, to maintain a good city appearance and sanitation is a process that needs to be adhered to for a long time. In recent days, the weather has caused some of the health of Xining rebound. Therefore, the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau in the daily work at the same time, hand drawn composed of environmental sanitation inspectors group, take the fragmentated and district inspectors focus on form, every Monday to Friday to the city inspectors in Xining city environmental sanitation, and determine every Saturday as a "director of inspections on the".

in addition, the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau will also adhere to the monthly on the four areas of Xining city environmental sanitation to carry out joint assessment, and issued the "Xining city management assessment incentives (Trial)", the monthly Environmental Health Assessment Award for outstanding Union City, city environmental sanitation supervise the improvement of fine management the level of management, the establishment of long-term mechanism of city appearance and environmental sanitation. (author: Wu Yachun)