Promotion of energy saving new energy vehicles in the field of bus

In order to ensure that the next two years, the city’s total energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased by 8.42%, an average annual decline of 4.3%, the city will be introduced 2014–2015 years of energy-saving emission reduction plan of action. According to the plan, the next two years, the city will accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, in resolving conflicts and overcapacity, develop new industries, and promote the construction of energy-saving carbon reduction in the construction field, the field bus in the promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicle. It is reported that the next two years, the city will vigorously develop new industries, new energy, new materials, bio medicine, special textile, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries as the focus, and actively promote solar battery components, lithium battery materials, aluminum based composite materials and other projects. Increase the elimination of backward production capacity, improve ferroalloy, chemical, textile and other industries access threshold. At the same time, increase the energy assessment, environmental constraints, the new energy efficiency requirements of fixed asset investment projects and sewage intensity must reach the advanced level of the domestic industry. The coal-fired boiler renovation process, yellow car out efforts, Huangshui River Basin water pollution control has also been included in the action plan, according to the program requirements, 2015, our city to transform the city and three counties of natural gas pipeline completed all coal-fired boiler coverage before the end of the year; the above eliminated before the end of 2005 registered operating yellow standard car 90%; the total elimination of river water quality in Xining section of the above five class, stable water quality reached the national standard of class III, Xining’s control (Xiaoxia meet the state water quality standards of grade IV). I will also pay close attention to key areas of skill of carbon reduction work for key industries of steel, thermal power, building materials, nonferrous metals, chemicals and other new projects, will gradually implement special emission limits of air pollutants; green areas of environmental protection and energy saving will also increase in the US by 2015, the town of new residential buildings in accordance with the green building standard design proportion reached 15%. At the same time, the city will comprehensively promote the reform of public service vehicles, strict fuel consumption quota management, promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicles.