Cordyceps festival show Qinghai development potential

in the Tibetan medicine Cordyceps cum Exhibition Fair, in addition to Tibetan medicine Cordyceps and booth, and some outside the province and the related industry, packaging, logistics, production and processing of the booth, the characteristic industry in Qinghai province has attracted more and more attention of related industries, Qinghai development advantages, so that more companies see in the development of the huge potential of investment.

in the exhibition center A hall booth, from Shaanxi pharmaceutical processing production, pharmaceutical promotion and logistics of goods logistics company has several. Huarun Xi’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on behalf of the party Yong said: Qinghai Cordyceps and Tibetan medicine in the country recently quite prestigious, there is great potential for development, but in the absence of a comprehensive understanding of the right opportunity. Through this exhibition, see Cordyceps and Tibetan medicine magic and fiery, full of confidence in the investment harvest." Talking about the prospect of Cordyceps, the party Yong believes that through the exhibition, to understand the Cordyceps and Tibetan medicine name is very loud, but the lack of a good channel outward transfer, the company’s business is mainly in pharmaceutical logistics, we hope that through the exhibition to Qinghai Tibetan medicine Cordyceps and transported to Shaanxi, I believe will be Shaanxi’s hot holding.

reporter saw in the exhibition hall, people’s attention to the packaging and pharmaceutical production and processing booth, such as Cordyceps sinensis and Tibetan medicine booth. Through large-scale exhibition of communication and exchanges, so that we understand the Qinghai brand, see the potential of investment and development in Qinghai, seize the opportunity to open integration, Qinghai is bound to go on the stage at home and abroad more stable farther. (author: Sun Zhaoming)