Ecology Huangyuan business card

car over the Huangyuan gorge, greeted the Huangshui River on both sides of the lush trees, trees in the quiet moist, Huangshui River flowing jubilation……

Huangshuihe people Hehuang Valley is regarded as the "mother river". In the past, we found that the Huangshui River has brought infinite glory and light for this piece of land. Similarly, it’s health, always affects the nerves of each of us. At the beginning of twenty-first Century, a defense of the Huangshui River action started in Huangyuan.

Huangyuan Province, Huangshui River is 41.5 kilometers long. 41.5 kilometers, compared to the Huangshui river length of 349 kilometers, accounted for only about 1/8. However, located in the Huangshui River upstream of the Huangyuan territory of 41.5 km, if the water quality is destroyed, the water quality will be in the middle and lower reaches of more than and 200 kilometers.

"in the Huangshui River upstream, we should not only consider their own interests." Since then, the Huangyuan county Party committee and government will be placed in the priority position of ecological protection strategy. This is mainly relying on the industry to support the county’s economic development in Huangyuan, the impact of GDP self-evident. It now appears that this vision of choice, not only to benefit Huangyuan, but also benefit the middle and lower reaches of Xining, Haidong and parts of Gansu.

"to improve the ecological environment in the Huangshui River, in addition to the closure of the sewage outfall, but also a large area of afforestation, which can make the soil environment has been greatly improved." Huangyuan County Forestry Bureau deputy director Qi Wei said. Since 2005, the Huangyuan county government bundled various funds, increased investment in ecological construction. In addition, at that time, the enthusiasm of the masses is very high. In such an environment, after years of efforts, Huangyuan county afforestation area has been consolidated and improved. Data show that today, Huangyuan area of 144 thousand and 500 acres of artificial afforestation.

Huangyuan County, a large-scale afforestation, this year is the ninth year. We see in the county of Huangyuan and Pingxiang, the former weak seedlings have been thriving, showing a strong color of life in the barren slopes. "After several years of afforestation, we found that the valley water becomes clear. Even after the storm floods, water can quickly become clear." Qi Wei said. And all this, the world and Pingxiang villagers also look in the eyes. Peace Village, an old villager said, afforestation, work in the contemporary, benefit in the future. Over the past few years, the villagers feel the greatest is the hometown of the river gradually clear, less windy days. Recently, Huangyuan County Environmental Protection Bureau carried out monitoring of water quality at the outlet of the Huangshui River of Huangyuan. It is gratifying that the water quality in Huangyuan Huangshui River reached the three national water quality standard. That is to say, the water quality has reached the standard of drinking water.

from the top of the hill overlooking the town of Huangyuan, we see the Huangshui River is like a jade belt through the city, surrounded by the ancient city in the storied Dan looked so beautiful. We believe that, in the Huangyuan county government leading ecological county "strategy target, a unique, non pollution, historical heritage thick, distinctive culture of Huangyuan, will radiate brilliant light.