The winter vacation where people choose Hefei hosting classes

winter vacation is the happiest kids, but for your parents, not so, because they have to work during the day, do not know where to get the kids, so hosting classes become the majority of Hefei citizens holiday choice, where children can learn better, at the same time will reassure parents.

holiday, always a "bittersweet" existence. For those children are still young families are so of joy, of sadness: the children of parents. Children into the slow pace of the holiday, and office workers, parents still continue to cope with high pressure work. The divide of age becomes an instant divide.

work with the baby to both. What should I do? Many parents put their children into the hands of the teacher in charge of class.

everywhere to describe the development of the trusteeship class in recent years, not too much. Fast paced urban life and children’s abundant holidays in stark contrast, making the trust just need cake growing. But in recent years, the parents have complained about the custody of the class is also endless: teachers are not qualified, the poor conditions of the custody class, food hygiene can not be guaranteed"……

, but also safe and secure, but also to learn something, but also not too far away, but also suitable for time…… It’s not easy to find this." Ms. Lu Beijing reluctantly said that sometimes parents can only buy a peace of mind. Ms. Lu for the 3 year old son of the custodian of the week to pay is $7500 5. This expensive cost for both husband and wife are ordinary wage earners Ms. Lu, is not a small sum of expenditure, when the payment is very painful".

in order to let the children learn more knowledge, hosting classes become the children often go to places, when the winter comes, people will pay attention to how the managed class can give children bring different knowledge, in fact, to the child’s interest oriented, what children should learn what to love. So, learning motivation is enough.

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