Fuzhou a man to commit suicide by public security fire brigade rescue in Ngau Tau cliff

cherish life, this sentence we have said to a lot of people, but in Fuzhou there is such a touching event. In March 16, (Huang Lvrong Chi Shansong) 16, 12:40, Fuzhou city police fire brigade command center received a report: near Jinan District tau Kwu Ling ya, a young man accidentally falling off a cliff, missing.

after the alarm, Fuzhou city police fire brigade officers and soldiers immediately mobilized Jinan District Gushan fire squadron rushed to the scene disposal. To the scene, the fire commander Wu Qimin decided to leave 3 soldiers at the top of the cliff, he led the search for the wounded while the 2 soldiers, while exploring.

due to the steep mountains, Wu Qimin and the soldiers even if there is a safety rope, safety belt and helmet, in the period through the sliding rope drape has repeatedly encountered danger. Half an hour later, the fire brigade finally found a man in a miscellaneous branches and meadow staggered.

injured guy where less than two square meters, back to the cliff outside, the clothes were hooked branches, face and head open wound, bleeding more. Wu Qimin and the soldiers found that the man is also a little consciousness, has been issued a painful groan, constantly said the body is very cold, "quick, take the clothes to cover the body, and he has been talking, can not let him sleep." The presence of soldiers rushed to take off the emergency rescue services cover the injured, to help keep the body temperature, and with other clothes simply protect his head.

was perplexing in the city of Fuzhou rescue the market, Fuzhou city police fire brigade support, successy helped the man. According to a preliminary understanding, the man 22 years of age, suicide due to emotional problems, before jumping to the police report to the police, and the suicide note, ID card, mobile phone, jacket and other items to be placed in the top.

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