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project in Zhengzhou some time ago from Walt Disney in many places people, most of the media have published in Henan. Because of the Walt Disney Company explicitly denied the investment projects in Henan Province, which is located in Zhengzhou County of Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, Zhongmu international cultural and Creative Industry Park "Walt Disney Zhengzhou project" instantly "unknown points".

2 22, Henan Commercial Daily reported some details of the project, the project investors have finally been open. The reporter noted, "Walt Disney Zhengzhou project investment called Dimei international cultural investment company. As for the company and what’s the relation between Walt Disney, the reporter contacted the Walt Disney Company’s Corporate Communications Department and the Zhengzhou international cultural and Creative Industry Park, the two sides had no answer.

but it is worth noting that, according to the Zhongmu county government official website information, as early as November 19, 2015 at the Henan Provincial People’s government and the Walt Disney Zhengzhou project and a strategic cooperation memorandum signing ceremony, Disney representatives attended the ceremony except for the title of "President of Greater China Zhang Zhizhong and Walter Disney, a representative named Meng Dekai Meng Dekai, the title of" Walt Disney International director of special projects".

reporter access to business information found in Zhengzhou County of Zhengzhou City, Zhongmu international cultural and Creative Industry Park registered a "demay International Cultural Development Co., Ltd., the legal representative of the name is also called the" Meng Dekai". And the name appears in a number of words to the head of the company’s legal representative column.

in Henan Zhengzhou Disney project in Zhengzhou, the investment of up to 1 billion, let people pay great attention to the strength of the product, the Walt Disney Company China Corporate Communications Department official issued for this matter in response to the China securities , said Disney is not in Zhengzhou construction planning.

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