What do business can use the of crooked trick

in order to better sell the product, do fire business, and now many people know the need to master more business skills, only attractive to consumers, businesses can really be hot. So, want to make their own brand and storefront stand out is what? Many people will answer: rely on creativity. This idea is correct, but the reality of competition is extremely intense, if only creative, I am afraid not to open the market. Therefore, when doing business, we might use some crooked trick "".

1: "the donkey crooked road" of

good products are sometimes no one cares, and even do a lot of publicity is still ineffective. Some businesses are often forced to come up with good ideas.

The basic method of

"donkey on the road" in the promotion is to employ some people or let the unit people disguised as customers queuing up to buy their own products, customers will imperceptibly be led by "a" on the road ", to buy its goods. Good goods are used by customers, will naturally be recognized by consumers, and to achieve the purpose of promotion.

is a company specializing in the production of cold pillow, opened at the beginning, although has spent a lot of effort to promote products, although the quality of the product itself can also be said to be perfect, but you can always cool pillow No one shows any interest in propaganda. The company through market brokers launched a "good way to cudgel thinking, the donkey on the road".

a few rows of long time bustling, pedestrian team attracted many curious: "here to sell what?" "What’s up here?" Caused by an atmosphere of panic buying, which led to a lot of conformity type buyers. With the continuous sales of products, people gradually realize the superiority of this kind of cool pillow, more and more people to buy, the market quickly opened and entered the international market.

"donkey on the road," the idea is feasible, but must ensure that the sale of goods is genuine, not to deceive customers.

2: "shading combined with" crooked trick of

in the west of Philadelphia, there are two trade shops, one called New York trade shop, one called the American trade store. The two shop is next door neighbor, the shop owner is the enemy, often launched the price competition between them; when the New York trade shop window to hang out: "the sale of Irish linen sheet, the sheet of high quality, low price, per bed in the pink of perfection, the price of $6.50.


" the window of the American trade store will appear: "people should keep their eyes open, our sheets are world class, priced at $5.90."

in addition, they are often out of the store, swore and even strike violently, eventually.